Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

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I Miss the Fireflies

Mosquitoes suck, marrow gold

Glow and flutter with

Parasitic tenacity;

On point to find a narrow home


Flying forth for family

Fighting on to have kids

Perspectives only press:

Company becomes a crowd,

Parks and beaches flood with waste

Eating fast, last with scavenger hands

A busy chirping world makes haste.


But do you mean it when you say

That other men just populate?


Let in a little light

Take a breath and out the door

Your company is coming soon

Hang up the drapes, open the curtains

Children play and systems buzz


Fill bowls of cheer and merry friends

Extend yourself to subtle moments

And dearly mean it when you say

“I miss the fireflies”

No, not the vacant platitude

but the thing you really, really miss.

Trace the shadows on your wall and

chase the pinky index rabbit ears

Run wild for hours, dive into petals

Pursue the ripe tomato bruise

Surfacing in the soil.

Scrape and heal, you’re never ever done.


A beach is what it always was

The same shore landscapes the same sand

And the shape can always recreate

The substance will remain the same


As such, the past is never done

But imminent, the present passes.

Enjoy the time with friends and mend your

ties until the moment’s gone


And never ever give yourself the chance to miss the way things were

Don’t ever say a single thing

Or long for what you cannot touch

Cause retrospective minds look back

They all forget the World they’ve left.

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