Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

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Dream I

In this dream I am

dead again apparently 

I stumbled into a sharp piece of art 

and it killed me, I can’t help

but laugh at my own gracelessness

at least I’ve aroused the artist 


And the economy

the tickets to the show

are now sold out thanks to my body

and the homicidal art

the security guard was about to shriek

Excuse me, Miss, no, don’t touch…

but I was dead too fast to be 


Confronted I got away

with it, all of me

touched the art 

now I’ll be known at least

I’ll be daring, I remember

thinking I am

more daring dead than alive


In this dream my mom 

is still waiting in line 

for the toilets, we had gone 

to the museum together

I had gone to the sharp art 

alone, it was mirrors spliced

I saw myself cut

as if Picasso failed me 

instead of rearranging my features

he shocked me apart

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