Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

the jarring process

i will let my voice lilt gently over breezes unseen,
under sweeping branches, through window panes, into jam making sessions
sugar everywhere, water boiling, giggles dissolving into soft breathing into arms around arms.
as i accept that i need to find a new place to situate myself,
there is no home for me in arms trained to reach around a body that is not mine.
as i realize my love was not perfect, it was broken and pained
i held it together like my heart–with tape and sticks and patches of forgetting.
as i find my place in a world where windows are closing left and right,
where breezes are shut out by curtains,
where voices are drowned out with loudspeakers announcing the coming tide,
no time for finding love
not for someone like me.

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