Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review


The Vassar Student Review accepts submissions of poetry, prose, and any art whichcan be presented in print media. To be kept up to date with our submission dates and deadlines please follow us @vassarstudentreview on Instagram.

Please note we do not accept late submissions.

Submission Guidelines:

Please upload the final version of your work, no changes will be accepted after submission. Please ensure your work has been edited to the furthest extent of your abilities. Our copy editors will also check for grammatical issues, but this will ensure minimal changes are made!

1. Prose/Poetry: 
  • Please upload your documents as Word files in Times New Roman 12pt. 
  • Include your full name in the title of your document, as well as the title of your work: YOUR NAME – WORK NAME. 
  • Do not include your name in the document itself. This is ensure anonymity in the selection process. 
  • Please ensure you submit your work in the style/formatting you want it to be published in (this is especially important for poetry pieces). 
  • Prose pieces are limited to 7500 words.
2. Art/Photography (Photography IS an art, but we just want to clarify we do accept photos ): 
  • Please upload documents as PGNs. 
  • Please include your name in the title of your documents, as well as the title of your work: YOUR NAME – WORK NAME.
Follow the link bellow to submit your work.

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