Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

Speak in the I voice

Precious Davis

Them: Speak in the I voice. Speak of your own personal experiences which have affected you. Do not generalize the life of yourself as the life of others.

Me: It is in our best interest
          It is in MY best interest
To love oreos

Them: This is a serious conversation, please do not try and make a joke of the struggle of your own people.

Me: Through the love of a food we
          Through the love of a food I strive to protect myself
Against the world which always seems out to conqueror
The nutrients inside our stomach, which
          The nutrients inside MY stomach, which depend on the ability of the acids contained within our walls
          The acids contained within MY walls to break down and enrich the body that knows no other way to receive these nutrients.

Them: What does this have to do with our cause? To help you, we need to know what specifically THEY have done to hurt your people? And please continue to speak in the I voice.

Me: It is then that we must protect ourselves
          It is then that I must protect MYSELF to keep the knowledge of
generations inside the body, despite the work of the privilege to strip away
our acids
To strip away my acids
which are now unable to break down my knowledge to fulfill my body.
          Which are now unable to break down OUR knowledge to fulfill OUR

I must live for the oreos placed before US by the hand of OUR oppressors
coming here to strip US of OUR knowledge
          Using the addiction of a food to define US.
The addiction of a cookie which is only held together by the white filling
The cookie can not and will not get its name without the white filling
It is nothing, it can not be branded to be shared to the world,
          To be gleaned by all that love it without
the filling in the middle,
          The two black brothas and sistas are only within the definition of a
white person

Them: Please repeat that again. You finally began to talk about the white person at the end, I wish you would have started with that. Also, note taker please write brothers and sisters not what she said. Lastly, you need to stop talking about the oreo. I find it strange we are taking your people more seriously than you.

Me: We are to only be seen through the eyes of a white person
          I am only to see myself through the eyes of the white person
Is the knowledge i speak appropriate for the time frame, is the way i speak okay for the time i speak it.
          You do not need to ask. They will tell to ME when it is okay
They will tell to US what knowledge is okay, as they have striped the acids from US which are needed to digest the knowledge so that WE could have learned it ourselves, untampered.
          Then they will tell to ME what knowledge is okay, as they have striped the acids from ME which are needed to digest the knowledge so that i can learn it MYSELF, untampered.

Them: Instead of white person, can you use names, white person is a bit too general? You might offend people. Also, can you be more specific about who THEY is?

Me: We are nothing but the love of an oreo, so it is in OUR best interest to love oreos.
          It is in OUR best interest to bow down and respect and to keep MY

For the love of an oreo is all I have. For the love of an oreo is all WE have.

Them: Can you please keep in the I voice? And stop talking about the oreo?


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