Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review


Belinda Tran

You demanded that I open my eyes
And see the world for the wonder it is.
It is not my fault if you are surprised
By the emptiness found beneath the lids.

You grasped my face and whispered in my ears,
“Listen to me and listen to the birds.”
Like a broken arrow to all my fears,
It was pointless, useless, a mess of words.

You tugged on my nose to smell the roses
And asked that I stop and inhale their scent.
So ephemeral. It blooms. It closes
It’s always the pretty and innocent.

You pulled out my tongue and spoon fed me lies.
They tasted too sweet for unripe lemons.
I saw that your plate was covered with flies.
I smacked them away. They flew to the melons.

You pinched both of my cheeks into a smile
As blood flushed my face, but not my worries.
A weight pulled down my frown in denial.
It hangs by my chest and holds my sorries.

You tried to make me feel. You pried. You fought.
I am sorry but it was all for naught.


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