Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

full circle weather, back where we were when i returned.
haven’t been outside to feel the grey

seep into skin, though cold clouds
usually make me smile

small smiles, made with no teeth
and solitude.


why is lonely different from alone
when both have the upstairs banging for company?

no one’s home when I knock. shock
my hands on doorknobs made of neurons

doesn’t matter cause
she never lets me in, not yet.


press my temple to feel
what squish squirms underneath

doesn’t take the shape i always hope for
but pink wrinkles stretch and curl

gyri and sulci are
peaks and valleys and waves without water

but still too permanent to notice that
i want out.


pin prick, pin
poke in my feet, phantom limbs that are still there

what can these arms do more than hold
nothing. something

is missing from the head.
when i go to bed

when i go to sleep i slip i slip i sleep
and dream that it is cold again.


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