Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

or the idea of them

By Grace Fox

you are not empty

but you are not full of the self i poured in.

i cannot create you.


funny – a womb and a woman –

if i were one like they wanted

you could make me eat twice as much

just to take it all away.


oh! a familiar thought!

this body the host of a parasitic love.

but it’s too late, i was never her

and you are not the person

she could have birthed.


if i let my eyelids flutter

and blur what i see

then maybe you could be

a boy who loves a boy – me –

but if eyes are the windows to the soul

and mine are always half closed

i’m not sure you’ll ever really understand me.


so let me look –

you are taller than i am

(this is usually the case)

and you come off as braver, more sure;

you smile easily but only if they’re looking

(luckily i see this, when my eyes are open –

i’m not one of them so i see your face fall).


i was wrong

you are whole

but i was right 

you are not built by me.

and it’s for the better –

my creations tend to never quite


It must be odd for...

I kick around the dust...

There is a horrendous roar...

if the mountains call for...

when you’re at the bottom...

I love you mint chocolate...


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