Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

monkton road

By Hadley Seufert

I love you mint chocolate ice cream big. 

always have, always will. 


sometimes I think I miss your old house more than you do.


so many summers ago

we ate brownies on your trampoline,


made my mouth



made your garden


sunshine smooth. 


so many summers ago,

we wore white dresses for 

my birthday,

clenched arms around each other’s waists. 


we got drunk


on the wine


katie stole


from her stepfather. 


smiled so wide it hurt. 


forgive me,

for cuddling closer after the car wouldn’t start. 

the light was



baltimore was warmer for us

dancing in the street,

waiting for the jumper cables.  


forgive me,

for almost sending a valentine scrawled with wistful lyrics. 


I can’t help but


cheap red wine in pomegranate juice bottles

holding hands just because.


I can’t help but

want to float back to the first day of physics


“Is someone sitting here?”


“No, I don’t think so.”


your smile clementine bright.

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