Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

Mascara excesses, cheap delights
Delicatessen plates, Christmas lights
Shrimp and scampi, skirts and ice
That’s what makes up love

Myrtle bushes, heavy with snow
Cobalt blue and painted toes
Long embraces and short hello’s
That’s what makes up love

Piano keys in jello molds
Gravy boats that never fold
Ginger sighs, his hands are cold
We should make him dance

Light a candle, swirl a glass
Slip some sugar in your purple sash
Put your shoes on the mantle dash
We have a famous friend

Scalloped plates and oyster bowls
Margaritas, salted roe
Caviar is on a roll
Kiss him for a drink

It’s our job, it’s our delight
Our party’s now, tonight’s our night
Let’s show him how to make love right
We have a famous guest


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