Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

Instructions for holding

By Barker Thompson

In no time all this time has passed

Everything is horrible and perfect and difficult to describe

People are touching the art in museums now

No one is minding the gap

They killed a mountain lion for being a mountain lion

The clouds are changing without being watched


The questions they’re asking me are getting longer

and harder to answer

The things I’m feeling are getting bigger

and harder to hold in my pockets

They’re spilling out and falling to the floor

People are reminding me that it’s litter


A song that I love starts with the lyric

The road is longer than it is hard

It is one of these things that keeps

falling out of my pockets

Evading me like a minnow

but it’s a minnow

so I still want to see what it

would feel like if I held

it in my hands

The road is longer than it is hard

Maybe I hurt only

for what has been paved

In the distance

are so many pebbles

that will fit in my pockets

all of them

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