Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review


By Barker Thompson

I think that watermelon radish is a good name for watermelon radishes


because they look like watermelons but taste like radishes. You look like a


person but taste like an animal. I look like a finger painting. I look like


I could use a drink. On the same street that a baby is crying on, construction


work is being done. Someone finds the baby louder than the construction.


Someone else finds the opposite to be true. This means something about you:


the things you find to be louder. To my ears, the baby is louder but I listen


only to the road work. How you can shatter through a sidewalk and get pulp.


There’s a theory that vast networks of tunnels exist underground.


In these tunnels live creatures the likes of which we have never seen before,


nor can imagine but I imagine their eyes to be the color of safety vests.


In 2nd grade we all had to come up with names for a nearby crane, the best


name would be painted onto the crane forever. I won and got to watch


my crane kill a road all year long. From my classroom, I could hear my crane


hard at work. It sounded like a neck snapping. It sounded like a twig breaking.


This meant something to me. This means something about me.

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