Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

Meteorology is something that maybe one day can be mine

When it snows in a place it’s not supposed to snow it rains in a place it’s not supposed to rain I started to hurt in a place I’m not supposed to hurt I held my body in a place I’m not supposed to hold my body too often I forget what makes a blood […]

Instructions for holding

In no time all this time has passed Everything is horrible and perfect and difficult to describe People are touching the art in museums now No one is minding the gap They killed a mountain lion for being a mountain lion The clouds are changing without being watched   The questions they’re asking me are […]


I think that watermelon radish is a good name for watermelon radishes   because they look like watermelons but taste like radishes. You look like a   person but taste like an animal. I look like a finger painting. I look like   I could use a drink. On the same street that a baby […]

Birthday Party

Someone else is turning 22 today. I think of you on top of the monkey bars after we saw that movie in Davis. I dream you come to visit and I make you a G&T with light pink syrup. I dream you into a murder mystery where the mystery is who’s dead and every time […]

Stunted Legs

I am staring at Jesus but I do not meet His eyes They are hooded in shadow downcast at bloody feet as if to beckon me to pass the velvet threshold and meet his dark gaze Your fingertips My mortal tether Graze my palm Recoiling against religious trauma but He demands my gaze whether through […]

or the idea of them

you are not empty but you are not full of the self i poured in. i cannot create you.   funny – a womb and a woman – if i were one like they wanted you could make me eat twice as much just to take it all away.   oh! a familiar thought! this […]

one about my body

i never know where to put my knees. i don’t know i think my thighs have too much gravity whenever i try to lean  a shin against something all i do is push one of us away.   i don’t know where to put my arms, when we lie in bed i remember having to […]


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