Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review


When softening earth gives up its icy shell Before spring buds blot out the soil, I can count the graves below my window.  The smooth unmarked stones sink  further with every passing season into indifferent dirt.  Scattered, patternless—so it seems.   My small hands plunged into hollows, Filled them them up with feathered corpses, Weightless […]

I would, ideally, like to get away from things

wither away and in the locks of grass swaying across the family orchard a rose at home don’t speak too loudly don’t lift me up or hold me don’t whisper in my ear telling me stories of sons mothers from this soil crafted the same I do, I do as I please your skin slowly […]

I Should Not Write

About the dump truck driver Who honked at me At the corner of 5th and Common. It is a small incident, Insignificant. It should not matter to me Because I am not special. I should roll my eyes, laugh it off Like that woman outside Starbucks. I should roll my eyes and laugh it off […]


you:   two shoulders and my ladder into the great blue beyond (your name made sense long before my tongue untangled itself)   me:   two tiny hands clutching cerulean light for safekeeping (you are the nest of robin’s eggs outside my window)  

I Miss the Fireflies

Mosquitoes suck, marrow gold Glow and flutter with Parasitic tenacity; On point to find a narrow home   Flying forth for family Fighting on to have kids Perspectives only press: Company becomes a crowd, Parks and beaches flood with waste Eating fast, last with scavenger hands A busy chirping world makes haste.   But do […]

alba fucens

i’m playing house in the ruins of your home climbing over walls you could never climb making a mess of your insides and outside i’m seeking shelter under your open sky from the same rain which sought rooftops when there were such to find: now your world’s wetter than it was, damp baths and muddy […]

Sky Above Us

For a friend   Out of the two-story house, a parking lot away from a wooded alcove, she wonders about the smoothness of my nose and the yogurt-swirl sky above us.   The cumulonimbus clouds had retreated, while orange-pink cracked through God’s smoke-filled respiration. She threaded her fingers through mine and asked why my eyes […]


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