Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review


home is no body and no place it’s sometimes the moonlight or making the train on time it’s soft blankets on rooftops and nights that do not end   bitter coffee from a place you’ll only visit once   home, casa, is a border that expands and contracts in non linear, non sequential waves   […]

(t)o my holy suffering ancestors

i remember:   your sacred martyrdom in poland, your creased palms in brooklyn, the cramped yiddish noises of your small-roomed apartments, where old friends and distant cousins drifted in and out.   we have achieved everything  you wished for.   and still my grandfather, he died of a heart attack all alone in the spacious […]

Slumber Party

A reflection on the painting by Eric Fischl   Georgia gets hotter each night.   I dip my toes into the creek Out back beside his family’s barn. We walk side-by-side Not minding the mosquitoes and The dirt caking around our ankles.   I dwell on his drawl That manages to sound thicker Than any […]


mallowmars a mouth opens for mallow marscookie and sticky stuck marshmallow filling her mouth open and closed for sweetness and conflicted crunchy soft   too late to  wonder but I am as I look at you at us sitting on this stoop too much in the mouth and the mind to speak   and I […]

Seeing Things

In the daring minutes before daybreak assembles an unlikely orchestra patiently awaiting the rustling of toes: an imperfect metronome to break night from day   An organ player on the tip of her eyelashes A violinist strikes the bow down her cheek a frightening note A harpist strumming her lips, thin quivering strings   And […]


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