Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

Family in Prismacolor

Imperial Violet. My mother wraps herself in her scarf and sleeps until noon. The first time winter comes we all try our hardest to be Scholar and Sorcerer and the ceiling ends up leaking  And there’s no one who can answer the question ‘How have you been?’  In more than 3 words. Spruce Green. None […]


Mama thinks she walked across the ice sheet that once covered up the Bering Strait. I can see her mind churning furiously, sometimes, when she thinks she’s just staring absentmindedly at the bloodstained mirror or the dust motes colliding in the sunlit air. No, I know what she sees: the cracked marble terrain, the gashes […]

Cinquains for Adelaide Crapsey

i. Louder Than weekend noise, When Main was all the school, Little haikus in Keats were stretched Along.   ii. In Rome, Beneath the birds And yawning shadows, you Balanced permanence with life’s Cascade.   iii. Two things Are near tonight: The snow and dawn’s ascent. Once early dying lips described The hush.   iv. […]

Who will remember

The vines have grown into the wall of our house weaving through brick and mortar veins of a force stronger with time.   On the back of a door my height is etched exponentially lagging lines until no growth is recorded.   Corners without whispers dust and rubbish filling up space.   Places damaged out […]


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