Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

Why is April sad?

Is it the petals everywhere? Because the air smells like the skin  of every person I tasted this year? Is it the weight of the air at dusk?    I drive to the grocery store every day to buy fruit. I want to cut into something. I brandish my pocket knife at nobody  and eat […]

Untitled II

There’s something very special In the way you speak to me, And something rather charming In the countenance I see. There’s something so domestic In the way I’d like to live; The hand you put surely in mine, The heart you freely give.

The Appointment I Booked Six Months Ago

Every dermatologist’s office is trying to sell you Botox. They promise you “healthy, glowing skin!” and overpriced product packages. The lady checks you in asking for your name and date of birth in a voice so quiet you have to press your face to the glass. Click space click click click the computer makes that […]

Drawing on the Walls

I know I’ll get in trouble For drawing on the wall, But this crayon-marker masterpiece Is my greatest work of all.   If I put my thoughts on paper For some temporary praise, They’ll be stuck up on the fridge And then be gone in several days.   But walls are a sturdy canvas To […]


The woman you lost,  who will always be dark-haired is impossible not to want.  I’m forever a child looking  out my window at the night sky. Don’t you wonder sometimes?  I’ll tell you everything.  I won’t change.  The old man said the woman must  obey the law.  The meaning of becoming a  historical subject.  But […]


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