Vassar Student Review

Vassar Student Review

the jarring process

i will let my voice lilt gently over breezes unseen,under sweeping branches, through window panes, into jam making sessionssugar everywhere, water boiling, giggles dissolving into soft breathing into arms around i accept that i need to find a new place to situate myself,there is no home for me in arms trained to reach around […]

Delivery System

Day is a caught thing.  I let if off-leash, and the dog,  onto the coast where I stand delivered from night.  I’m in the state I was born in twenty-one years after I was born in it the ocean looks like a lake this time of year, the unfeeling sky looms and the dog, that comatose god, does not come when I call it.  I have […]

A Word on Normalcy

I think one of the mostAbsolutely atrociousQuestions we have been askingIs the one that everyoneAsks with ease:“When will things return to normal?”I realize it is not the answerThat is lostBut the question itselfBears sin. I ask you, readerTo consider this spaceNot the viridescent valleysNor the hairless hillsOf this Californian summer,But ratherThe growling grey gatesBoundless bordersWe […]

Waiting on Mother’s Word

In memory of Breonna Taylor She had the chance you know.Countless chances, actually,To gift her child what she had promised,Whispering about which would be hers so very soon,Folded neatly within borders,Topped with a ribbon bursting to be untied. This gift would not be a thing, really.Not something to be held, per se,But rather a boundless […]

advice for religious girls who don’t know they’re queer yet

When you go shopping andshare a changing roomwith your friend—the one whose parents don’t yelland whose cats don’t bite—and the dress that she’s trying on gets stuckover her head,you will notice the curving pouch of her torso,matte pink and visible against theoverheadlights, nothing like the pages of a Watchtower. Do not be afraidto ask her […]


It takes a lot for humans to say          the Earth does absolutely nothingfor the moon, though maybe it’s easier          for us to say we’ve been doing a lot more now, since the discovery          of water at the lunar poles in 2008,making the moon the obvious choice          for an off-planet colony, provided we could melt all […]


full circle weather, back where we were when i returned.haven’t been outside to feel the grey seep into skin, though cold cloudsusually make me smile small smiles, made with no teethand solitude. // why is lonely different from alonewhen both have the upstairs banging for company? no one’s home when I knock. shockmy hands on […]


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